New National Glazing Specifications Manual

This publication is directed to several audiences. To architects and specifiers, it is offered as an aid in understanding and specifying the kinds of products supplied and installed by members of the Canadian Glass Association. To the members of the Association, who may be principally engaged in serving a part of this market, it serves as a reference guide to issues that affect their suppliers or customers. To all, it provides an overview of the issues that affect the architectural aluminum and glass products industry in Canada.

The main part of this manual is a comprehensive reference to architectural aluminum and glass products. Each chapter is devoted to one section heading of the CSC Masterformat, and consists of a commentary followed by a guide specification. The commentary offers a broad discussion of issues relevant to the specifier and the glazing contractor, organized in three parts corresponding to the parts of a construction specification.

Users of this manual can begin with either a commentary or a specification. The commentary provides an overview of the products and the technology, the building code requirements, and the relevant design and performance issues. Users can also begin with a specification, referring back to the corresponding part of the commentary when necessary.

The guide specifications are more detailed than a typical construction specification. They show how relevant issues raised in the commentary can be effectively addressed in a specification.

An effort has been made to recognize the design professional’s interest in defining and obtaining work of appropriate quality. It is the Association’s conviction that clear specifications without loopholes “level the playing field” for bidders, and serve the long term interests of the industry, the design community, and building owners.

Sections include:

  • Aluminum Entrances and Storefront
  • Aluminum Windows and Doors
  • Aluminum Skylights
  • Glass and Glazing
  • Aluminum Curtain Wall
  • The Professionals’ Guide
  • Design Guidelines

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